Photography Training / Presentations

If you're brand new photography and want to learn more about
the technical aspects of your camera, whether is bird photography
related or not, I can get you started.


$75 first hour.
$25 each additional 30 minutes.

Just fill out the contact form and include as much information
as you can (for example, what you hope to achieve) to start
the process.


The title for my presentations is Birds Are People Too. I've been
using it since 2006. The title represents that although they're
just birds, a lot of the same principles are used on these animals
that are also used in creating portraits of people.

I am available for presentations on bird photography. Besides
showing my work I'll explain the thought process and other
stories in creating the photograph. I also encourage questions
so I can help out more in understanding bird photography.

I've given presentations at local bird watcher groups, museums
and nature centers.

Fee: $100 - no time limit.

Fill out the contact form with as much detail as possible and I'll
get in touch with you within a day or two.