Doug West Photography, LLC - "The Bird Photographer" | Private Instruction from Doug West the bird photograher from Doug West Photography, LLC

I think one of the biggest fears beginners in bird photography has is
intimidation. They see these photographers with their big lenses, tons
of gear and walking around like the world revolves around them.

My main goal is to help out anybody I can, no matter where I'm at.
My greatest assest is being accessible to anyone at any time. So if
you want to learn, I'm the photographer that will get you on your

Fee: $200 per day (local).

Includes: Two sessions, a morning session and afternoon session.
             After our morning session, we'll get together and review
             your images and discuss. I'll also show you my workflow.

Travel: I live in th Cleveland area and would prefer to stay roughly
            60 miles in that range. Anything outside, we'll get together
            and discuss the travel arrangements and price any
            additional fees accordingly.

So if you're ready, contact me today and lets get started!